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Starting your own Bridal Shop can be pretty hard! Designers will demand you to buy a certain amount of dresses every season to keep your account open, also they will impose many conditions such as exclusivity or keep only 2/3 brands in your shop. Also nowadays more and more brides are unwilling to spend over £1,000 on a wedding dress, making the sales even harder!

The solution for a successful Bridal Shop is to stock quality and beautiful affordable wedding gowns!
We, at My Wedding Boutique, make only quality gowns using high quality fabrics and other materials, the dresses' decorations are hand made by expert tailors and all our dresses are carefully controlled for quality by our Italians Bridal wear Experts, so they are 100% guaranteed!
We can also make bespoke wedding dresses for your clients and you won’t need to hire a full time Taylor.
You can buy just few dresses as samples at cost price, then re-order at any time even just one dress, we don't ask a M.O.Q. we don't ask exclusivity, we are willing to support you and your business in order to grow together!